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Policy administration, marketing and sales services are provided by Blackpoint Underwriters, a recognized leader in insurance administration and support services for international insurers.

Reinsurance services: Redbridge Reinsurance Managers is the administrator of the multi-line reinsurance products offered by Redbridge Insurance Company, Ltd, which includes, facultative and treaty reinsurance on a non proportioned and proportioned basis for all mayor classes of businesses, including general liability property and casualty, health and life.

Redbridge Reinsurance Managers also provides actuarial support, underwriting training and manuals, policy wording and benefits design, reinsurance audits and assistance with financial management.

For more information on reinsurance products, go to www.Redbridge.cc.

Medical Risk Management: Care Management and Claims Processing Services, provided by Redbridge Network and Healthcare Inc, a Miami-based risk administrator with more than 10 years of experience in the international market.

Travel Assistance: Redbridge Assist, offers assistance services for travel related emergencies and setbacks.  Redbridge Assist offers custom travel assistance plans outside of the U.S. for every type of trip, such as leisure, business, and student travel. For more information go to www.RedbridgeTravel.com