Our International Health program offers protection to you and your family for unforeseen situations that insure expenses for medical care due to disease or accident, and has been structured to guarantee you a prompt service of high quality.


It has a variety of medical benefits covered at 100%, including hospitalization, intensive care, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy among others.


Maximum benefit per year per insured: US$ 5,000,000

Organ Transplant: US$ 1,000,000


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This is a brief summary of the main benefits included in this insurance program. for more information about benefits, exclusions and limitations, please refer to the policy.





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El Plan Platino ofrece libre elección de hospitales en todo el mundo, y cuenta además con la Red Preferencial de Proveedores en Estados Unidos, la cual puede descargar desde este enlace.


o revisar directamente en nuestra página el listado de Hospitales preferenciales por Estados.




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