About Redbridge Insurance

Redbridge Insurance Company, Ltd. (RICL) is an insurance and reinsurance company founded in 2010 in Barbados, and is part of Redbridge Holding Inc., a conglomerate specialized in the administration of insurance and reinsurance worldwide.


Redbridge Insurance Company, Ltd has a credit rating of AM Best from B ++.
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Its main line of business is health insurance, with a complete network of operations that has allowed it to reach an outstanding position in the Latin American and Caribbean market.


Your business portfolio also has life insurance, both individual and group. RICL also has a general insurance license and has the ability to develop innovative products that cover a wide range of needs of its insured internationally.


Identify market opportunities and offer innovative solutions with high social impact to our customers, establish strategic alliances for business and service growth, facilitate the development of our associates and generate value for shareholders.


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Empathy

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