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This section is for the exclusive use of our authorized representatives, for the "Digital" sending of forms and documents.

The shipping modules are properly classified and separated by departments. Below this information you will have access to the file insertion modules. Remember to upload the documents according to the corresponding department. Every file must have the name, date, policy number and a short description of it. It is necessary to take into account the usage specifications explained below.


The insert modules are the following:
New business
Customer service
Risk Selection

Specifications of use:

Digital format of the document: If the form or document is not filled in digitally, it is recommended that you print or print, and that the document be scanned or scanned only in PDF format. Files in another format will not be accepted.
Additional requirements: The forms must be duly completed with all the required information, and signed as appropriate.


Once you select the file you want to send, when you click on the "Upload File" button, a small form will be displayed, which we suggest you complete properly to facilitate the processing of your documents,
Label (Identifier): write a small description of your file, which allows you to easily identify what you are referring to.
Date (Date): the date of its shipment.
Comments (Comments): any explanation or comment that you believe is necessary or convenient to consider in relation to your request. We suggest you always include your policy number, and full name of the insured.
Email: write your email correctly, to facilitate any immediate communication with you, related to, or the files you have just sent.


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