Our Health program offers protection to you and your family for unforeseen situations that insure expenses for medical care due to disease or accident, and has been structured to guarantee you a prompt service of high quality.  It provides Regional Coverage that includes Central America, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela.


It has a variety of medical benefits covered at 100%, including hospitalization, intensive care, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy among others.

Maternity benefit up to US $3,500, and congenital and perinatal conditions up to US $25,000.


Maximum benefit per year per insured: US$ 250,000

Organ Transplants: US$ 100,000


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This is a brief summary of the main benefits included in this insurance program. For more information about benefits, exclusions and limitations, you should refer to the policy text.


The Bronze Plan is available only in Central America, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela.



  • What to do on a medical event?, everything you need to know before a medical emergency, such as pre-certification, how to request a refund, who to contact, among others.

If you want to communicate with an authorized representative, help you choose the most suitable plan for you and your family: